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Roberto Jimenez Senior editor

2Know is a very useful tool that allows you to learn, memorize, and remember number strings of any difficulty. 2Know uses a phonetic system based on the book "Your Memory: How It Works & How to Improve It" by Kenneth L. Higbee, which associates a particular sound of a consonant letter to a digit from 0 to 9, and generates a combination of different words which are easier to remember than numbers, e.g.
the number 4 is associated with the sound “r”, the number 2 is associated with the sound “n”, so the words "run", "earn", and "rain" can be used to remember the number 42. Another example, the number 5 is associated with the sound “l”, and the number 1 is associated with the sounds “t, th, and d”, so the words "let", "laid", and "oiled" can be used to remember the number 51. Larger words can be used to remember long numbers, e.g. the words "lector", "alligator", and "electro" can be used to remember the number 5714.

To operate the program you need to load the dictionary that you want to use (English, German, or French). Then, you need to enter any combination of digits and the program will display the combination of matching words in a list. If you want to copy to the clipboard any number and the word used to represent it, you have to select the items from the list. Another option you can use is the "Look up Individual Word" window that can be used to find the digits which are used in a given word.


  • The program includes a dictionary with a large list of combined digits for English, German, and French.


  • The only possible thing I found that can be considered a limitation is the length of numeric string that can be converted.

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